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I fell in love with your product while living in NC. I am so glad I can live in Ohio and still get it. So is my husband.

Sylvia, Malta, OH -- August 2009

I'm excited to try the other flavors. I've only used the Hickory and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!! If I don't have these pellets, I don't grill anything. I gave my hamburger patties as a Christmas present once because my Mother loves them so much.

Holly, Tallahassee, FL -- July 2009

WOW, what a great smoking product. I have been using regular wood chips for years and just found the savory herb smoking pellets. I have to say what a trustful taste this puts in your smoked cheese or meat. At first I did not know how to use this so I put the whole bag on my smoker hot plate. Now that I have read that you do not use this the same way you use regular wood chips I will not waste a whole bag...

I bought all the bags I could at Joes sporting goods in savory herb. And now I see they have a special on the apple wood pellets. So I bought 6 bags of them. If you like to put a smoke flavor on your meats or anything else. Try these. YOU will not be disappointed.

Michael Emerson, Seattle ,Wash -- September 2008

I use many varieties of BBQr's Delight smoke pellets. Since I learned about the products last year at a get together with friends, I use it almost every time I grill out. That is at least three times a week. With the use of the BBQr's Delight cast iron pot, I can enhance the flavor of many meats with the pellets. It is also good if you put vegetables on the grill such as onions, eggplant, peppers, ect. We love the black walnut, Jack Daniels, pecan, and mesquite. Almost everytime I grill out, my neighbors ask me: "What in the world are you cooking that smells so good?" I have to tell them it is no so much the food, but the smoking pellets. We have bought the cast iron pot and pellets as Christmas gifts and they said they have really enjoyed the product to. I highly recommend BBQr's Delight products to anyone who likes and has a good time every time they grill out. Thanks!

Bryan Puddephatt, Pine Bluff, Arkansas -- August 2008

I love your orange, it really works well on fish, beef and especially turkey.
Paul Peringer, Oakesdale, WA -- November 2007

Aloha Candy: I received my order for the 2 bags Apple Smoke a few weeks ago and boy am I going to have fun with the generous samples you sent. Already tried the Jack Daniel's on a rack of Pork Back Ribs and the flavor was wonderful. Going to have to buy a meat market so I can try the samples on Chicken, Beef, Pork and some Salmon. Already told some people about the smoke pellets locally and in Litchfield, IL. Thanks so very much for great service and flavors. Your brother sure knows how to make a great and convenient product.
Bob Van Oosting, Whittier, CA 90605 -- August 2007

I've had the Bradley Smokehouse for two years and really enjoy the trouble-free smoking. Here in Alaska, the prime, most desired salmon is the Copper River Reds. I smoke 15 to 20 of them every summer. I also teach "Smokehouse Cooking" twice a year through the local Community Schools Program. I reworked my Bradley to use your pellets. It's very simple. Remove the smoke generator, install an electric hotplate (750 to 1000 watts--1000 is better. There's a nice one at, with an adjustable thermostat. Pellets are put into a 6" cast iron frying pan. This system works wonderfully! Replace the pellets every 20 minutes to keep the smoke from becoming acrid. This simple chore allows a break for getting a fresh beer and enjoying the outstanding fragrance given off by pellets as you open the door!
One more item on great smoking...during the last 30 minutes, paint the fish with a mixture of jam and brandy. Cherry jam is nice, apricot is great as is raspberry. Add enough brandy to make a smooth solution. Apply with a pastry brush and let the smoker set the finish.
Jim Keck - North Pole, Alaska, March 23, 2004

Well, you neighbours in the south really know your wood smoke! I barbequed 1" thick Canadian pork chops using Jack Daniel's Whiskey pellets, seasoned with Montreal steak spice. It was fantastic! Many friends have enjoyed this simple-to-prepare dish at my house and can't believe the flavour! When you cook like this, it really impresses the women folk! Thank you BBQr's DELIGHT!
Dave Kalinchuk - Calgary, Alberta, Canada, August 24, 2002

Just wanted to drop you a line to say "THANKS" for such a wonderful product. I have been using your product for about two years now and I refuse to use anything else. There is no way that I can have this many different flavors without having to find somewhere to store 35+ pounds of chips. I have tried every flavor from Apple to Jack Daniel's and I loved them all. I have used them for pork, beef, fish, and poultry and haven't I found a problem yet. The only recommendation I have is to package the sample size in aluminum foil for your customers convenience.
Todd Combs, Statesville, NC, July 2002

You make an amazing product and I am certainly a life long convert to this kind of smoke product.
Joseph Dale Vodraska, July 2002

Last year, wanting to get the most from my gas grill I used wood chips after I soaked them in water. I did not always have time to Marinate my meats, therefore the woods chips. I would frequently get the wood chips to wet and they would not smoke well enough, or I did not get them wet enough and they just burned up in the grill. I have since discovered your wonderful product "All Natural Wood Pellets BBQrs Delight. you have made a product that is indeed very easy to use and takes the guess work out of having to soak them and for how long. I just make the pouch and put in the pellets and off I go. The flavors could not be any better and the ease of use could not be any easier. What a delight in deed to cook over a gas grill now. Thank you for your product. I remain tastefully yours,
Joe Armstrong, June 2002

We have been using your pellets for a couple of years now. We have cooked everything from Thanksgiving Turkeys to fresh Grouper on the grill with your flavor pellets - always with great results. We have ordered several times & given some of the variety packs away as gifts - they have always been well recieved. Some of our friends have found your product at local chain stores and purchased them there after having tasted the results at our house. As we use our grill for cooking most of our meats, we tend to like the variety available directly from you. Thank you for producing a fine, reliable product that is so easy to use.
David & Mary Ann Dituro, West Palm Beach, Florida, June 2002

Thank you so much for your fine product and professional attitude. It has been a pleasure. The pellets are great, the flavor they impart to the food is so superior to the wood I have used in the past, no more wetting , clean up and waste. Your pellets go much further and the variety of flavor are great. Thanks for the smoke pot and the sample flavors. My only problem is what to smoke flavor to try next.
Dan Ingram, Staten Island New York, May 2002

What a great gift these pellets make. They were a hit. Thanks again for your time and thanks to your company for making a great product.
Chad J.Scott, January 2002

My sister gave me your sample pack for Christmas and I couldn't wait to try them. I mixed the hickory, mesquite and some pecan together, I then made your foil pouch as I didn't have time to soak the clay pot. The Kansas City strip steaks turned out excellent. The rugged flavor of hickory and mesquite and the sweetness of pecan. The beauty of these is that you can use them on your gas grill, so you have the speed of gas but the great flavor of real wood smoke. The pellets lasted the entire time I slow cooked the steaks, over two hours. I have tried chunks and chips but nothing compares. Now I am marinating a pork loin and am going to smoke it in hickory and apple, I can't wait. Truly a customer from now on.
Thomas Welborn, December 2001

I seasoned 2 whole cut up chickens with Lowry's seasoned salt and bbq'd them on the top rack of the barbeque using the cherry pellets and they were scrumptious! They were cooked as slowly as possible, turning occasionally. They were especially good the second day on a picnic when the smoky bbq taste REALLY showed up. We received the packet of Cherry flavored pellets in a gift packet from the KOA campground we visited and we are HOOKED. We have used the Jack Daniels flavored pellets on our favorite rib eye steaks with a bit of Porterhouse seasoning and garlic salt and they can't be beat. Thanks for a wonderful product.
Jan Waaler, November 2001

I received the sample packs of your "wood pellets" and it was without a doubt the very best and easiest smoke process I have ever experienced in my life! I have never experienced so many awesome flavors as what was in my sample pack. GREAT JOB and Product, I BBQ year round and it seems to taste better when we are camping.
Phillip Nelson, November 2001

Hi friends of BBQ'rs delight... When i changed from charcoal to gas i was wondering if flavours will be the same. I've been using my gas grill for about two months now ,two or three times a week and, you know it tastes really good but, i won't tell you lies... it's not the same as charcoal as everybody should know. But now that has changed, i saw BBQ'rs Delight on the web and i didn't know if it will really work But now i can say i found my own goldmine!!!!. It's really superb and it's really marvellous when i open my grill lid and all that wood smoke comes out. The best thing is that, if you want ,you don't need to add anything to your meals... no rubs, no sauces, no marinades...only with that smoke it tastes great (and i must say that Jack Daniel's pellets are my favourites and a must for everyone!!). Thank you and be sure i'll keep on buying your marvellous pellets...they are worth the not-cheap shipping charges to Spain.
Javier Coloma, Elda (Alicante), Spain, August 2001

Much easier than having to cut up hickory or mesquite logs for chunks. Also, don't have to worry about soaking them 1/2 or 1 hours before cooking. I used them for the first time this evening and the flavor was excellent. Looking forward to using the product again and again.
Randy Uzueta, Rio Rancho, New Mexico, July 11, 2000

I used the pellets to smoke salmon fillets. They were absolutely delicious! Juicy and tender with the wonderful smokey taste. The real boon was that the fish didn't dry out like fish does when baking it. I'll never cook salmon any other way!
Dawn L., Aurora, Colorado, June 28, 2000

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your pellets, I recently placed an order and you included 2 samples of the "whiskey" pellets. I used one of these packets this past weekend for T-Bones. The results were AWESOME, your pellets made these steaks melt in your mouth delicious. They added that hint of "Jack" and made the steaks the star of the meal. Your pellets were so much easier to use, than the "chunks" of wood I had been using. They produced more smoke, and smoked the meat better. I am hooked, I can't wait until I try all the different flavors. Thanks Again for the Great Adventures in cooking.
Donald Frantz, Aurora, Indiana, November 22, 1999

Thanks so much for the sample packs of all the various flavors. We are having so much fun experimenting with what flavors go best with what meats. The cherry and orange pellets are awesome with chicken. Not only does it enhance the flavor, it makes the chicken pieces so much more attractive with some coloring as well! We slow cooked a ham on the 4th of July with Sugar Maple. WOW! Using these pellets is so much easier than our old smoker, the smoker is now banished to a corner in the garage! Using these pellets is so much easier and faster. Thanks again!
Judy Ness, Dallas, Texas, July 9, 1999

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